Post Hurricane Irma Update

Following Hurricane Irma, the Lake Worth Drainage District identified more than 350 sites along its 500-mile canal network which require debris removal.  District field crews continue to work overtime to remove storm debris.  Efforts to remove debris from within drainage canals and near water control structures which might obstruct drainage are nearly complete. Crews are shifting focus on removing debris and vegetation on canal rights-of-way to restore emergency access. The District estimates debris removal projects to be completed by the end of October.  Please be patient as we work our way to your area.  To report issues or inquire about the status of removal, email us at

Hurricane Irma highlights the importance of the District’s Canal Rehabilitation Program. Last year, the District doubled its efforts to remove trees and encumbrances from canal rights-of-way to ensure effective drainage for its 750,000 customers in Palm Beach County.  Prior to Hurricane Irma, crews completed the clearing of more than 25 miles of rights-of-way, removing exotic vegetation and structural encroachments such as fences and sheds.  Following hurricane recovery efforts, the District will continue its program to clear an additional 100+ miles of encumbered canal rights-of-way with expected completion by 2021. Click here for more information on the District’s Canal Rehabilitation Program.

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