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As the agency responsible for local flood control, Lake Worth Drainage District’s permitting program helps to manage our water resources by ensuring proper stormwater drainage and unencumbered access to canal rights-of-way.

The District requires a permit prior to the commencement of any construction activities within our service boundary where projects are adjacent or connect to a District canal(s), or where projects utilize or occupy canal rights-of-way.

The District issues several types of right-of-way permits, including:

  • Drainage connection permits for residential, commercial and roadway construction
  • Canal crossing permits for utilities, bridges and culverts
  • Encroachment permits for boat docks, signs and gates

Property owners who desire to connect to, place structures in or across, or make use of the District’s rights-of-way must submit a permit application.

To submit a permit application, click here to visit our online services portal.

Staff will review individual applications to ensure projects meet the criteria set forth in the District’s Right-of-Way Operating Policy Manual and do not interfere with District access, operations or maintenance activities. Some permit applications may require additional approval by the District’s Board of Supervisors.

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