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Last Name First Name Title Office Phone
Acosta Diana L. Regulation Support Assistant 561-819-5484
Acosta Sandra Administrative Assistance 561-819-5581
Altman Lany Mowing Crew Leader 561-819-5584
Barrera Lus (Pam) Records Assistant 561-819-5568
Cooke Jill M. Receptionist 561-819-5558
Emery Annika Engineering Technician 561-819-5564
Garcia Oscar Field Representative 561-819-5592
Gunther Douglas J. Lead Field Representative 561-819-5589
Haine Robert S. IT Tech Support Specialist 561-819-5475
Hoffman Megan H. Project Manager 561-819-5567
Hoyt Karen M. Director of Finance & Administrative Services 561-819-5572
Illsley Margaret L. Regulation Support Assistant 561-819-5582
Las Casas Anthony V. Director, Operations & Maintenance 561-819-5586
Mitchell Shawn Permit Coordinator 561-819-5588
Ibrahin Nunez Project Surveyor 561-819-5488
Owens Lena M. Accounting Clerk 561-819-5571
Pereda Armando Tree Crew Leader 561-819-5575
Perry Anne H. Right of Way Specialist 561-819-5577
Piccirillo Carlos Senior Geo-spatial Analyst 561-819-5486
Rayman Rosemary Outreach and Records Custodian 561-819-5566
Schultz James P. Aquatics Crew Leader 561-819-5583
Sherman Steve P. Compliance Supervisor 561-819-5580
Sinclair Michelle Operation & Maintenance Support Assistant 561-819-5560
Skora Melissa HR Administrator 561-819-5574
Smith Nicole A. Right of Way Permit Coordinator 561-819-5578
Smith Timothy A. Canal Maintenance Section Leader 561-819-5583
Spetla Joseph A. Fleet & Facilities Section Leader 561-819-5593
Strowd Tommy B. Executive Director and District Engineer 561-819-5561
Summers Jacob Field Representative 561-819-5590
Tilles Brian R. Director of Right-of-way Regulation 561-819-5587
Tobar Juan C. Information Technology Manager 561-819-5576
Tripp Cornell Facilities Maintenance Tech 561-819-5579
Tyson Corey Field Representative 561-921-5591
Walker Emily (Reagan) Assistant Executive Director 561-819-5573
Wise Robert (Bob) GIS / CAD Specialist 561-819-5473