Man picking up debris from street storm drain

Protect Your Home From Flooding

June 1 starts the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season and forecasters predict it will be busy. Now is the time to get ready for the rains coming our way.

If you live in Florida, you know that rain and potential flooding are natural conditions that could adversely impact people and property. At the Lake Worth Drainage District (LWDD) stormwater drainage and emergency flood response is a core mission. LWDD staff is focused year-round on resiliency and flood protection for the more than 800,000 residents living within our boundary.

As hurricane season approaches, staff is inspecting and conducting maintenance on equipment and designating teams who will respond to emergencies, as well as testing and updating internal plans that guide our work. We also coordinate our operations with local government partners, like the South Florida Water Management District, Palm Beach County and other municipalities who maintain and operate drainage canals in our area. Additionally, staff communicates emergency instructions with residential communities and businesses that have permits to discharge stormwater into LWDD’s canal system for flood control.

Individual residents have a flood control role as well. You can take steps now to help protect your home from flooding.

  • Report clogged culverts or slow-moving water in canals or swales to your property management company or responsible local government. Report issues when you see them to allow adequate time for maintenance or repairs before a storm.
  • Keep grass clippings and other debris out of stormwater drainage systems to prevent clogging and loss of stormwater storage and treatment capacity.
  • Clean out rain gutters and extend downspouts at least four feet from structures. Direct the discharge away from canals to avoid washouts in canal banks.
  • Become informed and learn more about what to expect and how to protect your home. Sign-up to receive email notices at our website at
  • Drainage is a year-round focus for the LWDD team, but no system is flood proof. When hurricanes and other storms bring substantial amounts of rain in a short amount of time, flooding can result. However, partnerships between individuals, residential communities and govern­ment can help prevent flooding of homes during severe weather events.