Man cleaning flooded home

LWDD Helps Reduce Flood Insurance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) flood map informs your community about its local flood risk. It helps establish minimum floodplain standards so that your community builds safely and resiliently. It determines the cost of flood insurance, which helps property owners to financially protect themselves against flooding. The lower your degree of risk, the lower your flood insurance premium will be.

A community typically will be re-mapped because of population growth and development, better science, and changing conditions. FEMA and state and local governments develop partnerships and identify available data, which are used to aid in the discussion and design of the flood map.

The Lake Worth Drainage District plays an important role in the production of accurate maps for our service area. Current and historic flood-related data including hydrology, infrastructure, and hydraulics, were used to determine risk identification and assessment. Because of Lake Worth Drainage District’s canal network, water control structures, and regular maintenance program, many of our communities remained in FEMA’s lower risk areas. Final flood maps are posted to the online FEMA Map Service Center, making them easily accessible to the public at