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How You Can Help Cut Costs

Maintenance of the Lake Worth Drainage District (LWDD) canal system is a large portion of our operating budget. Whether adjacent to a canal or miles inland, residents can help LWDD cut costs with a few simple steps.

Residents can limit the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides (weed killer) on landscapes. Remember, what and how much you place on your lawn will eventually make its way to the canal system. Excessive nutrients in the water leads to additional vegetative growth and water quality issues thus requiring the use of aquatic control chemicals and LWDD personnel time for its application.

Fences, vegetation, and other encroachment violations within the LWDD right-of-way disrupts the daily operations of our crews and may slow emergency response time that is critical to public safety. When violators do not remove or relocate these installations it requires LWDD manpower and equipment mobilization to remove them. Additionally, legal costs may be incurred to protect the public’s property rights from private users.

The LWDD does not provide free trash disposal. Dumping trash including yard waste in the canal or on the right-of-way is illegal. If the dumper cannot be identified, LWDD must redirect personnel away from their daily duties for removal of the debris. Cleaning up after those who dump on the canal right-of-way can be costly both in money and time.

Four wheelers, ATVs and other motorized vehicles are not permitted to drive on the LWDD right-of-way. This type of aggressive land use leads to washouts and other damages requiring time-consuming and costly repairs.

Helping the LWDD to save costs only requires residents to simply avoid the actions mentioned. For more information about the LWDD’s maintenance programs, visit our website lwdd.net.