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Assistance for HOA Boards

The Lake Worth Drainage District (LWDD) wants to make your job a little easier. Whether you are a newly elected board member or have served on your community’s board for years, it is not possible to know the answer to every question. Still, you must communicate, educate, and protect your residents. To help, LWDD offers many avenues to assist community leaders in meeting this responsibility. Listed below are a few:

  1. Learn about your flood control responsibilities as a board member, what the three-tiered system is, and operational tips on our website at
  2. Request a speaker for your daytime community meeting. Topics such as the community’s role in flood control, future water supply issues, storm readiness, and others are available.
  3. Check out our downloadable flyers you can share with residents and videos you can broadcast on your internal TV station. For a sampling of materials, visit or contact us at for more options.
  4. As a Board Member, you may have many questions from residents regarding the community’s drainage system. LWDD can help with that! Pass on our phone number 561-498-5363 or email Our staff is happy to explain how drainage functions within our boundary.
  5. Finally, take advantage of our free e-newsletter containing fun and informative articles. Feel free to reproduce the newsletter in whole or part and share it with your community members.

LWDD is not just your local Drainage District, we are your partner in providing the information and resources about flood control your residents need.