Hand under running water

April Is Water Conservation Month!

April is Water Conservation Month! Did you know conserving water year-round is an integral part of managing and protecting South Florida’s water supplies today and for future generations?

Around 3 billion gallons of water are used every day in Central and Southern Florida by 9 million residents and visitors. Future water demands are projected to increase to approximately 4.1 billion gallons per day by 2040. One of the most effective ways to address increasing water needs is through water conservation.

During Water Conservation Month, the Lake Worth Drainage District joins with local governments to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation and the ways we can reduce our water use all year long.

With approximately 50 percent of residential water used for irrigation, it is important to irrigate efficiently. Homeowners can use these simple tips to reduce wasted landscape water:

  • Make sure your rain sensor device is working properly to prevent your irrigation system from running when rainfall is meeting your landscape needs.
  • Set an irrigation timer to run pursuant to your local irrigation ordinance and do not irrigate during mid-day hours when evaporation is the highest. Visit Lawn Watering Restrictions to learn more at https://www.sfwmd.gov/community-residents/landscape-irrigation
  • Install a “smart” irrigation controller that uses weather data or soil moisture information to decide when and how much irrigation is needed for your yard.
  • Fix leaks. Finding and fixing water leaks conserves water, saves money and protects your home from damage.
  • Employ Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles by using low maintenance plants and environmentally sustainable practices.

All of us have a role in protecting our water resources. Together we can ensure a more sustainable water supply for the benefit of all South Floridians.