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Why Saving Water Matters

Meeting future water demands in Florida can only be met in two ways: by increasing our water supply or decreasing its use. Water is essential to our health, communities, environment and our economy. As our state population grows, the demand for water will continue to rise. The smallest amount of wasted water can add up to big losses. For example, 30 drops of water from a faucet leak can equal 1,752 gallons a year!


Residents of Florida need to remember that water is a shared resource. Other uses include agriculture, fish habitat, industry and recreation. All these water uses can put pressure on local water supplies, especially during the dry season.  Conserving water leaves more of it in the underground aquifer, streams, rivers, and lakes when it is needed most. Using water more efficiently helps maintain supplies at safe levels, protecting human health and the environment. If we do not save water, we can face many consequences such as:

  1. Disturbance in our personal hygiene like bathing, washing clothes, etc. due to shortage of water.
  2. The crop production will decline due to the lack of water for irrigation in fields.
  3. There will be dry conditions leading to more severe droughts.
  4. Lack of water for landscaping and recreation will impact our lifestyle and property values.

No matter what it is you’re doing, always ask yourself, “Do I need that much water?” When you avoid unnecessary water use you contribute to the long-term health and future water supply for everyone.