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LWDD’s Role in Development Review

The Lake Worth Drainage District (LWDD) manages 500 miles of stormwater drainage canals within Palm Beach County. But who knew that managing water would also mean managing land?

A very important function of LWDD’s water management role is to ensure it has adequate right-of-way for access, canal maintenance and emergency response for public safety. One way this is accomplished is with LWDD’s staff reviewing and providing comment on all projects going through the development review process with Palm Beach County and other municipalities located within its jurisdictional boundaries.

Once a project is submitted to LWDD, staff reviews the site plan, map of survey, canal cross-sections and other supporting documents to ensure all the right-of-way recording information is properly annotated and determines the appropriate amount of right-of-way required for the canal. The required right-of-way is determined by the size, location and flood control function of the canal. If additional right-of-way is required, notice is provided to the governmental agency and property owner. Time is allowed for the required right-of-way dedication, or board approved variances.

LWDD also reviews and provides comments on all new plats within its jurisdictional boundary. Prior to recording a plat, all LWDD rights-of-way must be clearly delineated and properly annotated. Additionally, all easements must be added to the dedication portion of the plat. This provides the public and future generations with clear identification and description of property rights.
Because LWDD participates in the development review process prior to permitting, any compliance issues can be addressed upfront and costly delays can be avoided. The complete policy on LWDD’s development review process can be found on our website at