Employee photo Vickie Demerski

LWDD’s Employee Of The Year

Employee awarded for excellence

Vickie Demerski has been chosen by her peers as the Employee of the Year for 2017. Ms. Demerski has been with the District for 30 years and currently holds the position of Executive Assistant in the Field Operations Department.

During normal District operations, Ms. Demerski tracks maintenance requests and complaints from the public. She documents each call and transmits the information to the appropriate staff for investigation. Upon completion, she closes the service request and documents the outcome, ensuring that the public’s concerns are addressed. Ms. Demerski often deals with anxious or disgruntled callers, but treats all callers with respect, patience and a little bit of humor. Many residents have expressed how friendly and helpful she is, even if they did not get the answer they were hoping for.

Ms. Demerski also plays an important role in emergency response. During major storm events, she takes calls from the public notifying the District of potential flood hazards.  If needed, she willingly works after business hours answering calls and providing critical information to field crews.

Ms. Demerski possesses an extensive knowledge of the District’s canal system and demonstrates a willingness to help her co-workers whenever needed. Her excellent interaction with residents assists not only staff members in the Field Operations Department but other departments such as Public Outreach and Right-of-Way Compliance.