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Canal Rehabilitation Update

Over the years, certain portions of the Lake Worth Drainage District’s (LWDD) canal rights-of-way have become encumbered by encroachments that can obstruct LWDD’s ability to provide flood control.  The Canal Rehabilitation Program was established in 2015 to identify these canal areas and systematically remove these encroachments. This work is necessary to facilitate effective flood control for public safety and provide unobstructed access for emergency flood control response and routine canal maintenance.

The rehabilitation program is divided into two phases. The first phase of these rehabilitation efforts is to remove all non-native vegetation within the canal right-of-way.  Any native vegetation that is determined to interfere with LWDD’s maintenance operations may also be removed. Phase 2 will address structural encroachments such as fences, sheds, patios decks, and some vegetation that could not be accessed during Phase 1.

To date, the LWDD has completed the removal of vegetation from 97.9 miles or 54% of the more than 180.8 miles of encumbered canal rights-of-way. The expected completion of vegetation removal is 2022.