As part of the District’s canal rehabilitation program, staff annually evaluates the 500 miles of canals and associated rights-of-way within our boundaries and completes projects in priority order. Depending on the state of a canal, rehabilitation projects may include:

  • Removal of vegetative encroachments
  • Removal of structural and non-structural encroachments
  • Dredging of the canal channel
  • Reshaping or reconstruction of the canal bank

This work is necessary to facilitate effective flood control for public safety and provide unobstructed access for emergency flood control response and routine canal maintenance. Residents adjacent to canal rehabilitation projects are notified of the pending work and provided adequate time to remove or relocated encroaching vegetation or structures. Any remaining unauthorized encroachments will be removed and disposed of by the District. For more information or questions click here to contact us.

Click here to find out what rehabilitation projects are scheduled in your neighborhood.