The Lake Worth Drainage District purchases goods and services from various vendors throughout the state.  Our procurement practices promote fairness and encourage diversity and are consistent with applicable laws, policies and procedures. The District encourages qualified vendors and contractors to respond to solicitations by submitting offers and proposals.

Notices of solicitations are posted on this site when available. Vendors are encouraged to register here to receive email notifications when business opportunities are posted.

Vendors are not required to pre-register with the District. However, prior to award of a contract or purchase of goods or services, all vendors are required to submit a W-9 Form and a completed Direct Deposit Authorization Form in order to be registered in the financial system for invoice processing and payment.  Additionally, prior to performing services for the District, applicable vendors must provide required certification of insurance.

Current Solicitations

There are no current solicitations

Please check back with us in the future.

Closed Solicitations

RFP 16-7170L.05 - Engineering Design & Construction Phase Services for Water Control Structure No. 9 - CLOSED

RFP 16-7170L.05 | Request for Propsals | Posted  12/22/2016

RFP 16-7170L.05 | Selection Committee Review Meeting | Posted 1/30/2017

RFP 16-7170L.05 | Notice of Intent to Award | Posted 2/15/2017

RFQ 16-10047L.01 - Encroachment Removal & Demolition Services - CLOSED

RFQ 16-10047L.01 | Notice of Solicitation | Posted 10/24/2016
RFQ 16-10047L.01 | Request for Qualifications | Posted 10/24/2016
RFQ 16-10047L.01 | Addendum No. 1 | Posted 11/03/2016
RFQ 16-10047L.01 | Notice of Intent to Award | Posted 11/17/2016

RFQ 16-9887L.01 - Hazardous and Exotic Tree Removal Services - CLOSED

RFQ 16-9887L.01 | Invitation to Respond | Posted 10/14/2016
RFQ 16-9887L.01 | Request for Qualifications | Posted 10/14/2016
RFQ 16-9887L.01 | Notice of Intent to Award | Posted 11/17/2016

RFB 16-9381L.02 - Construction and Installation of a SCADA System for Ten (10) Control Structures - CLOSED

RFB 16-9381L.02 | Invitation to Bid | Posted  8/22/2016
RFB 16-9381L.02 | Solicitation Addendum No. 1 | Posted 9/15/2016
RFB 16-9381L.02 | Solicitation Addendum No. 2 | Posted 9/20/2016
RFB 16-9381L.02 | Solicitation Addendum No. 3 | Posted 9/27/2016
RFB 16-9381L.02 | Solicitation Addendum No. 4 | Posted 10/4/2016
RFB 16-9381L.02 | Bid Tabulation | Posted 10/11/2016
RFB 16-9381L.02 | Notice of Intent to Award | Posted 11/7/2016

RFB16-9928L.01 – FECON Bull Hog Mulching Attachment - CLOSED

RFB 16-9928L.01 | Invitation to Bid | Posted 6/29/2016
RFB 16-9928L.01 | Bid Package | Posted 6/29/2016
RFB 16-9928L.01 | Addendum | Posted 7/12/2016
RFB 16-9228L.01 | Notice of Award | Posted 7/19/2016

RFP 16-9854L.01 - General Engineering Services - CLOSED

RFP 16-9854L.01 | Bid Notice | Posted 6/17/2016
RFP 16-9854L.01 | Addendum No. 1 | Posted 7/15/2016
RFP 16-9854L.01 | Firms Requesting Proposals | Posted 7/19/2016
RFP 16-9854L.01 | Responding Firms | Posted 8/5/2016
RFP 16-9854L.01 | Preliminary Rankings (Subject to Board Approval) | Posted 8/10/2016
RFP 16-9854L.01 | Notice of Intent To Award | Posted 8/17/2016

RFQT 16-9886L.01 - Field Cut Mowing of Canal Right of Way on LWDD E-2W Canal - CLOSED

RFQT 16-9886L.01 | Request for Quotes Notice | Posted 9/9/2016
RFQT 16-9886L.01 | Notice of Award | Posted 10/14/2016

RFB 16-8308L.12 - Radial Gates for LWDD Water Control Structure 11 - CLOSED

RFB 16-8308L.12 | Invitation to Bid | Posted 9/15/2016
RFB 16-8308L.12 | Request for Bid | Posted 9/16/2016
RFB 16-8308L.12 | Solicitation Addendum | Posted 10/5/2016
RFB 16-8308L.12 | Notice of Award | Posted 10/14/2016

16-8816L.10 - Notice of Intent to Sole Source Purchase of Herbicide Adjuvant - CLOSED

16-8816L.10 | Notice of Single Source Procurement | Posted 7/14/2016

16-8816L.10 - Notice of Intent to Piggyback SFWMD Bid for Aquatic Herbicides and Adjuvants - CLOSED

For Sale

Lake Worth Drainage District auctions used equipment, vehicles and other office items that are no longer needed.  Visit the GovDeals auction site to view surplus items for sale.

  • Click on Advanced Search.
  • Then in the Seller Name field, click the drop down arrow to see a list of participating government agencies.
  • Scroll to Lake Worth Drainage District and click Search.
  • If Lake Worth Drainage District is not listed, no items are currently offered for sale.