Request for Chancery Case 407 Review

Chancery Case 407 is a court proceeding under which the landowners within a set boundary area petitioned the court to create a drainage district that would provide flood control and drainage needs. The Lake Worth Drainage District was authorized in 1915 to be formed, assess taxes and establish rights-of-way to accommodate the construction of canals. The canals and rights-of-way were given a dollar value per acre and taken in lieu of taxes paid. Therefore, the Chancery Case 407 rights-of-way are lands held by the District in fee. Chancery Case 407 was recorded in June 1990 and can be found in Official Record Book 6495, Page 761, Palm Beach County Public Records.

If required right-of-way is affected by Chancery Case 407 the land must be excluded from the site plan/boundary survey. Purchase of Chancery Case 407 land is possible by petition to the Board of Supervisors and, with approval, may be purchased at fair market value based on a current appraisal. An exclusive perpetual easement for the required right-of-way must be conveyed to the District.