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Hurricane Highlights Importance of Maintenance

Canal Rehabilitation Program reduced recovery efforts

During recovery efforts from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, it was evident that the District’s Canal Rehabilitation Program is working. Post-storm assessments reflected no structural flooding, minimal damage to the canal system and a reduced need for vegetative clean-up. The District’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma required far less resources than that of past storms in bringing the flood control system back to fully operational.

Many people in Palm Beach County live along a District canal. In order to enhance their properties, they sometimes plant vegetation or place other encroachments such as fences and sheds on the District’s rights-of-way. Encroachments are a public safety issue because they can cause canal blockages, obscure sightlines for visual inspections, slow the progression of drainage and impede access for maintenance and emergency response. Free flowing canals and unencumbered access along the rights-of-way are critical components to overall public safety and flood control.

As part of the District’s Canal Rehabilitation Program, staff vigorously enforces a policy of unencumbered canal rights-of-way within the District’s boundaries. Depending on the condition of the site,
rehabilitation projects may include the removal of vegetative and both structural and non-structural encroachments. Additionally, the dredging of the canal channel and reshaping of the canal bank may be required. More information on canal maintenance can be found on our website at www.lwdd.net/canal-maintenance.